About MaqAcademy: Our Mission

Helping Freelancers and Students

At MaqAcademy, we help every individual and freelancer start and boost their freelancing careers and also guide them on other careers. Our mission is to enable every individual to be able to establish a brand and start a business.

This seems tough, we know.

That’s why we consulted and experienced hundreds of industry and field experts to develop the best form of content that will help you start and skyrocket your career.

More About MaqAcademy’s Mission

Our mission at MaqAcademy is to empower students and freelancers to kickstart their careers and achieve financial independence through practical advice and actionable strategies. We prioritize three essential elements that we believe are crucial to success:


Meet Our Team

Author - SMAQ - MAqAcademy

Shahzada Muhammad Ali Qureshi

Shahzada Muhammad Ali Qureshi aka SMAQ is a Freelance Blogger, SEO expert and Content Writer. His aim is to build a community and share valuable knowledge with youngsters and everyone looking to learn a skill, do freelancing, and make money. This is the best place for you.

Author - Umar - MAqAcademy

Muhammad Umar

Muhammad Umar loves writing content about money making skills and how you can make money online from your home. he has amazing Tips and ways that will help you to do from home.

Author - Sadeed - MAqAcademy

Sadeed Ullah Khan Jano

Sadid Ullah Khan Jano is a programmer and code enthusiast. He loves to talk about coding all day long. His expertise is in Python, Machine Learning, C++, Artificial Intelligence and all other languages.

Author - Sadeed - MAqAcademy

Syed Haseeb Hassan

Haseeb is an expert in finding resources for students, learners and freelancers. He has amazing skills of finding best resources for students in order to make learning easier and simpler with a touch of fun.

Author - Sadeed - MAqAcademy

Jofry Luke

Jofry is a highly skilled communication expert and accomplished copywriter with a passion for crafting compelling narratives and engaging content. With a keen understanding of the power of words and their impact on audiences, Jofry possesses a remarkable ability to convey messages effectively and leave a lasting impression..